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12 Hours English

Course on User Experience & Interaction Design

The new economy is digital. The recent crisis has propelled significant advances in the digitalization of many companies and organizations, which are now demanding digital solutions adapted to new technologies, devices and situations.

While this brings great opportunities to our industry, it also brings with it a need for updated training, which will allow us to adapt to our new reality, optimize processes and measure results.

This Master is aimed at future thinking web designers who want to gain an integrated vision of the whole development process, how to create empathy between people and technology, and put users first.

Trailer What you’ll learn
Course content What Will You Discover?
12 Hours
  • Design Thinking
    • Empathize and defining the problem
      35 Min.
    • Ideate, Prototype and Test
      45 Min.
  • UX Research
    • Collect & organize your data
      25 Min.
    • Refer to your research objectives
      24 Min.
    • Uncover Findings
      15 Min.
    • Identify user insights
      20 Min.
  • User Experience
    • Principles of User-centered Design
      55 Min.
    • Planning UX Projects
      90 Min.
    • Tools and Techniques
      50 Min.
  • User Interface
    • Fundamentals of Digital Design
      50 Min.
    • Design Systems
      55 Min.
    • Typography
      30 Min.
    • Interaction Prototyping Tools and Techniques.
      60 Min.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Fundamentals of AI
      40 Min.
    • Design with AI
      50 Min.
    • Resources & Tools
      25 Min.
  • User Testing
    • Define Testing Objectives
      20 Min.
    • Task Scenarios
      20 Min.
    • Testing Methods
      20 Min.
    • Test, Analyze, Repeat
      20 Min.
  • Case Studies
    • Discover the secrets of the best projects around the world
      120 Min.
Learn from the best
  • Various Speakers

    Various Speakers

    A Team of Digital Thinkers and Design Leaders


    Learn from a team of forward thinking design leaders, celebrated in the industry for their innovative approach and proven ability to create for what’s next. In this exciting course a variety of experts step up to share with you the tools and processes required to future proof your career.

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