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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on Awwwards


  • How can I submit my site?

    Go to select option from STANDARD, PROFESSIONAL or INTERNATIONAL, fill out the website info, in the next step review & check out.

  • What size is the main image thumbnail?
    • 1600 x 1200 px
  • Can I add more images/videos to my submission?

    Make your submission uniquely yours! You can personalize it by adding your own image thumbnail and selecting the specific parts of your website you want to showcase. The more elements you include, the better visibility and quality your submission will have. We highly recommend adding videos to make your submission stand out even more! Remember, the ideal dimensions are 1600x1200px.

  • How long does it take for my site to be approved?

    It's quite normal for sites to take up to a week to get approved & published. Our approval process is carried out manually and can experience backlogs due to weekends and/or large volumes of submissions.

  • How can I edit my submission?

    Go to your User Panel – Submissions. If your status is still pending, you can edit your submission. If your submission has been already approved, please email us your changes (including your username and title of the site).

  • Can I submit website templates?

    At the moment, we are not accepting website template submissions.

  • How can I pay for a submission with a credit?

    You need to select the option “STANDARD”, complete all the details, you can then use your credit/s in the checkout by selecting the Payment Method “Free - Use your free credit”.

  • How can I add credits to my submission?

    Add the username in the section “Additional credits” in the first step of submitting your website. If the submission has been already approved, email us the username of the person you’d like to add as a collaborator.

  • Where can I see my Nominee status?

    If you click on the submission from your profile, you can find the Nominee Status in the upper right corner.

  • Why hasn’t my site won an Honorable Mention?

    For Honorable Mention win, the score from the JURY needs to be 6.5 or higher, same as the score from the USES (Chief, Tribe, Pro, International accounts). If these two conditions are met the site will receive Honorable Mention. There are 2 voting process going on separately: JURY & USERS.

  • Where can I find the Jury score for my submission?

    The score from the Jury is only visible to Site of the Day winners.

  • How long is my site eligible to win Site of the Day?

    Each site has up to 3 months since approved to win SOTD. Once the max. 3-month period has ended, your site is no longer eligible to win SOTD.

  • How can I report plagiarism?

    Contact the awwwards team at awwwards[at] and we will look into the issue.


  • What visibility will my job advert get?

    Your job advert will appear on our Job Board and will be shared on our social media channels:

    • 4 mentions on @awwwards Twitter
    • Mention in our “Monthly Jobs Board Roundup” on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

    You can also search for candidates on our Talent Board, and if you haven’t yet - join our Professional Web Design Directory for even better visibility.

  • Where can I edit my job advert?

    If you need to edit or disable your job advert, please email us the changes.


  • How can I apply for the Jury?

    At the end of every year, we open up the Jury applications, follow our social media and blog for announcements

  • What are the criteria to become a Jury?

    The standard criteria for people applying to join the Main Jury is for them to have won at least one Site of the Day. To apply for the Young Jury, you must be 25 years old or younger.


  • Where can I download my invoice?

    Go to your User Panel – Settings – Billing Information, fill out your information and then in Purchase History – Show - click Request Invoice.

  • How can I request a VAT refund?

    Go to your User Panel – Settings – Billing Information.