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  • Language: English
  • Certificate: of completion
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese (Machine translation)
  • Duration: 7h 1m

From Beginner to Professional: Master all aspects of Figma from interface setup, using plugins, and designing text and shapes to prototyping and collaborating with developers.

Category Course format Language Duration Level
Online English with Subt. 7h 1m Beginners, Intermediate & Professional

Discover Figma's unlimited potential with Mirko Santangelo in this online course. Learn UI design, prototyping, and collaboration while mastering Figma's features. Guided by Mirko, a renowned designer at Paper Tiger, you'll explore Figma's interface, design systems, UI elements, color, effects, fonts, auto-layout, components, prototyping, animation, and project sharing.


What you will learn
in this course.

  • Lessons
  • Lesson 1
    Course 1: Introduction
    • U1: Getting Started
    • U2: File Browser
    • U3: Teams and Projects
    • U4: Figma Editor
    • U5: Workspace Setup
    • U6: File Thumbnail
    • U7: Community and Plugins
    • U8: Practice
  • Lesson 2
    Course 2: Drawing Tools
    • U1: Shape Tools
    • U2: Pen Tool and Vector Network
    • U3: Boolean Operations
    • U4: Frames and Groups
    • U5: Colors and Color Styles
    • U6: Images and Animated GIFs
    • U7: Masking Layers
    • U8: Effects and Effect Styles
    • U9: Practice
  • Lesson 3
    Course 3: Typesetting Tools
    • U1: Text Tool
    • U2: Advanced Type Customization
    • U3: Text Styles
    • U4: Variable and Icon Fonts
    • U5: Practice
  • Lesson 4
    Course 4: Layout Tools
    • U1: Alignment Tools
    • U2: Smart Selection
    • U3: Measurements and Guides
    • U4: Layer Constraints
    • U5: Layout Grid
    • U6: Layout Styles
    • U7: Scaling and Resizing
    • U8: Practice
  • Lesson 5
    Course 5: Auto Layout
    • U1: Introduction to Auto Layout
    • U2: Layer Stacks and Scaling
    • U3: Composition
    • U4: Blocks and Spacers
    • U5: Auto Layout Best Practices
    • U6: Practice
  • Lesson 6
    Course 6: Components and Variants
    • U1: Introduction to Components
    • U2: Creating and Detaching Components
    • U3: Component Instances and Overrides
    • U4: Swapping Components
    • U5: Component Variants
    • U6: Component Properties
    • U7: Combining Variants and Properties
    • U8: Components beyond UI
    • U9: Practice
  • Lesson 7
    Course 7: Component Libraries
    • U1: Component Assets Panel
    • U2: Organizing Local Components
    • U3: Batch Renaming
    • U4: Documentation and Links
    • U5: Publishing a Component Library
    • U6: Practice
  • Lesson 8
    Course 8: Prototyping and animations
    • U1: Introduction to Prototyping
    • U2: Presentation and Mirroring
    • U3: Prototype Settings
    • U4: Prototype Connections
    • U5: Prototype Flows and Starting Point
    • U6: Overflow and Scroll Interactions
    • U7: Overlays
    • U8: Transition Animations
    • U9: Smart Animate
    • U10: Easing and Spring
    • U11: Components and Prototypes
    • U12: Interactive Components
    • U13: Figma Mobile App
    • U14: Practice
  • Lesson 9
    Course 9: Collaboration
    • U1: Sharing Files and Prototypes
    • U2: Adding and Managing Comments
    • U3: Version History
    • U4: Practice
  • Lesson 10
    Course 10: Handoff
    • U1: Creating Designs Specs
    • U2: Inspecting a File
    • U3: Exporting Image Assets
    • U4: Exporting Code Snippets
    • U5: Practice

Meet the teacher

Mirko Santangelo

Lead Senior Designer

Mirko Santangelo is a designer with extensive experience in web projects, design systems, apps, brand identities, and print media. As a Figma Community Advocate, he co-directs the official Figma users group in Italy. He is also a member of the Awwards International Jury, promoting excellence in digital design. At Paper Tiger, he leads the design team, overseeing UI design for websites and mobile devices, incorporating innovative motion design techniques. His clients include Google, The New York Times, Meta, and others.


Course Content

From Beginner to Professional: Master all aspects of Figma from interface setup, using plugins, and designing text and shapes to prototyping and collaborating with developers.


  • English
  • English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese (Machine translation)
  • Beginners, Intermediate & Professional
  • Access on mobile and Desktop
  • Full time access
  • Certificate of completion

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