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Being part of the community
  • Awwwards is a unique ecosystem only possible thanks to the collaboration of our community. Status points are a way of rewarding users who contribute their time and knowledge to participating on the platform, and we’re proud to provide a meeting point where professionals can share, learn and be inspired from their peers across the globe.

  • How to get status

    Get involved, show some love, get status.

    When you first register as a user, you start off with 0 points. By completing your profile, you will then gain enough points to start voting. Users who participate by voting and making submissions can gain up to 35 status points per day. Building up your status point will allow you to gain access to more privileges on awwwards.

  • Status Points

    Ways to participate on the platform.

    There are many ways you can build up status points, here is a breakdown of how you can earn points by getting involved each day.

    01 point: Daily activity
    05 points: Voting on a nominee
    05 points: Submitting a site to Awwwards
    30 points: Completing profile
    100 points: If your collection has 100 or more followers
    -100 points: Voting/commenting maliciously
    Ban: Spammer

  • Privileges

    Your participation makes
    the platform what it is.

    To reward you for your time and involvement, the more you interact, the more privileges you will gain, find out more about the privileges each type of user can enjoy.

    • 01


      Basic user whose participation and contribution of knowledge helps to improve the awwwards community. They do not have a visible profile in the Directory.

    • 02


      Talented users who through hard work and commitment have won 1 SOTD, 3 HMs or gained 5000 points.

      Their votes count towards SOTD & HM.

      Profile included in the Directory.

    • 03


      A group of internationally recognised agencies and designers, who have invested in Awwwards and registered with a Professional Plan.

      Their votes count towards SOTD & HM.

      Profile highlighted in the Directory search results.

    • 04


      A group of experts selected annually by the awwwards team, whose involvement and expertise is fundamental for the platform to function.

      Their vote determines the final score of SOTD, SOTM, HM & SOTY.

      Every year the top 5 users are invited to join the following year’s Jury.