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Let's create 3D Characters
English English, Spanish, French (+3) [Machine translation]
2 Hours Course

Let's create 3D Characters

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Characters are becoming a very relevant part for more and more brands: we see them on websites, videos, products, apps and any kind of advertisement. 3D is another tool for illustrators, opening a world of possibilities for creating characters. Geometric, friendly, stylish, simple, trendy...the tone you give to your virtual humans will make them suitable for a vast range of different projects and clients.

In this course I will show you my workflow so you can start building your own 3D characters and have fun giving them a unique personality through the different creation steps.

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Course Table of contents
What will you learn?

10 sections • 31 lectures • 2 hours

  • Introduction
    2 lectures 03:08 Mins
    • Intro Course
      00:24 Mins
    • Using references and developing your style
      02:42 Mins
  • Sculpting in ZBrush
    6 lectures 55:11 Mins
    • Introduction
      01:20 Mins
    • ZBrush Tools
      05:07 Mins
    • ZBrush Brushes
      03:33 Mins
    • Sculpting a Bust
      22:53 Mins
    • Sculpting a Full Body
      18:56 Mins
    • Export
      03:22 Mins
  • Retopology in 3D Coat
    4 lectures 54:28 Mins
    • Introduction
      01:23 Mins
    • 3D Coat Tools
      06:37 Mins
    • Retopology of Head
      20:15 Mins
    • Retopology of Body
      26:13 Mins
  • UVs in Rizom UV
    3 lectures 12:31 Mins
    • Introduction
      00:47 Mins
    • Preparation for UVs
      02:03 Mins
    • Rizom UV
      10:41 Mins
  • Rigging Character
    3 lectures 09:58 Mins
    • Introduction
      00:25 Mins
    • Automatic Rig in
      01:21 Mins
    • Completing Rig and Posing in C4D R21
      08:12 Mins
  • Clothes in Marvelous Designer
    2 lectures 17:57 Mins
    • Introduction
      00:40 Mins
    • Clothes in Marvelous
      17:17 Mins
  • Painting in Substance Painter
    4 lectures 25:21 Mins
    • Introduction
      00:29 Mins
    • Painting the Body
      13:06 Mins
    • Painting the Clothes
      05:34 Mins
    • Merging Texture Set
      06:12 Mins
  • Cinema 4D and Redshift
    4 lectures 32:07 Mins
    • Introduction
      00:24 Mins
    • Redshift for Texturing our character
      13:16 Mins
    • Making Hair in C4D
      14:33 Mins
    • Exporting with Redshift
      03:54 Mins
  • Photoshop
    2 lectures 06:01 Mins
    • Introduction
      00:24 Mins
    • Final Composition
      05:37 Mins
  • Final
    1 lectures 00:24 Mins
    • Final Words
      00:24 Mins

Lisa Odette’s imagination and curiosity is unstoppable, allowing her to create characters and sceneries that directly transport you to a colorful and joyous new dimension. Consistency at work and a craving to keep learning constantly are traits that are innate to her. If you have ideas bubbling in your head and need to release them to the world, this 3D course will guide you to finally do it, achieving your own style and creating unique pieces that will take your design work to the next level.
Elisa Abuin
Elisa Abuin Art Director at GRAND
Course details

Let's create 3D Characters

Let's create 3D Characters

By Lisa Odette

$25 75% off $100

Creative Days

  • English
  • English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese (Machine translation)
  • Intermediate
  • Access on mobile and Desktop
  • Full time access
  • Certificate of completion
About the Speaker
Learn from the best
  • Lisa Odette

    Lisa Odette

    Freelance 3D designer, illustrator and animator


    Lisa Odette is a freelance 3D designer, illustrator and animator who specially likes to create female characters. With a graphic designer background, always tends to make very aesthetic and balanced compositions but always with a special focus on color. When she's not on the computer she likes to spend time in nature, exercising and then go back to drawing.

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