NEW Designing a real Silicon Valley startup from start to end with 3D By Nelson Noa
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Designing a real Silicon Valley startup from start to end with 3D
English English, Spanish, French (+3) [Machine translation]
7 Hours 8 Mins Course

Designing a real Silicon Valley startup from start to end with 3D

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This course is intended for those brave designers venturing into the complex and diverse world that is 3D. It’s intended for the independent and ambitious designer that wants to thrive at a startup or start one. I'm going to show you how to become an invaluable source for a startup.

In this course, I will walk you through a real project backed by Sequioa Capital. I will show you break downs of how to seamlessly think about 3D in a web/commercial context, as well as exploring some of these techniques in Houdini, which after this course will not seem that scary. This course will arm you with the knowledge to confidently solve problems. I will teach you how to analyze effects and research outside of this course to solve them.

I’m excited to show you how to think as a designer that wants to increase the market valuation of a company through design. You’ll be joining me on a real project, and you’ll face the same problems as me, and we intend to make it award-winning along the way.

This course is not intended to replace your journey of learning 3D. It is a challenging and time-consuming project - but I'll be holding your hand through it. It requires time, patience and practice, but also a strong plan that is almost certainly impossible to design well without knowing what 3D is or what goes into it. That’s where this course becomes your best friend.

Having purchased and completed this course, you’ll have an understanding of the concepts of 3D, as well as some new and powerful techniques to render beautiful images without having to become a 3D master. I understand the need of being able to just get your hands involved with 3D and having fun.

I will share with you resources and ways to solve your problems on your own. You will know the difference between Houdini, if you need to learn 3D programming or not but more importantly you’ll be able to start making beautiful images which after all is what we designers want - something to make an impact.

This course is beginner friendly, but it’s intended for the designer that is further along in their journey. It will be a very difficult and exciting topic but made consumable to anyone willing to watch.

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Course Table of contents
What will you learn?

5 sections • 12 lectures • 7 hours 8 mins

  • Introduction (Welcome)
    3 lectures 23:55 Mins
    • Introduction
      06:46 Mins
    • Why 3D design is important
      10:54 Mins
    • How this course is organized
      06:15 Mins
  • Art Direction
    3 lectures 58:30 Mins
    • Intro
      17:49 Mins
    • Storyboarding
      15:43 Mins
    • Planning
      24:58 Mins
  • Paper Trails - Helix
    3 lectures 2 Hours 50 Mins
    • Planning the effect
      47:31 Mins
    • Paper trail helix step by step
      1 Hour 2 Mins
    • Shading and rendering
      1 Hour 1 Mins
  • Paper Trails and Colliders
    2 lectures 2 Hours 37 Mins
    • Paper trail and colliders Step by step
      1 Hour 44 Mins.
    • Shading and rendering
      53:10 Mins
  • Putting all together
    1 lectures 20:06 Mins
    • Adding the effects into after effects
      20:06 Mins
Nelson Noa
Work Work Work 
Work Work Work 

Noa is simply brilliant. By far, the most talented, versatile, and inspiring designer I had the pleasure to work with in the past years. His ability to transform fresh ideas into conceptual abstract animations is unique. His amazing technical skills added to his singular creative approach makes this course something definitely you can not miss.
Roger Mac
Roger Mac Photographer, Creative/Art Director, 3D Artist at CROP Studio
Course details

Designing a real Silicon Valley startup from start to end with 3D

Designing a real Silicon Valley startup from start to end with 3D

By Nelson Noa

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  • English
  • English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese (Machine translation)
  • Intermediate & Advanced
  • Access on mobile and Desktop
  • Full time access
  • Certificate of completion
About the Speaker
Learn from the best
  • Nelson Noa

    Nelson Noa

    Principal designer and Founder at Science


    I began my journey as an 8 year old obsessed with making web-skins, that passion made me quickly learn HTML/CSS which I then later applied for a frontend/design role at 12. By the time I was 16 I had been recruited by a few startups in Silicon Valley. I grew up in the world of investors and designing for user growth and impact. I began to apply all my design knowledge and coding experience into the learning of Houdini, which then became my secret weapon for branding Science.

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