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NEW Special offer Timeless Logo Designs: The Creative Process By Kwaku Amprako
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Timeless Logo Designs: The Creative Process
English English, Spanish, French (+3) [Machine translation]
3 Hours 41 Mins Course

Timeless Logo Designs: The Creative Process

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Effective logo design is all about visually communicating a brand’s message to their audience. When a logo comes to represent all of the feelings that a brand embodies, that logo becomes timeless. The most successful logo designers understand the creative processes required to craft a timeless logo.

In this course, you will learn how to design timeless logos. You will learn to generate impactful ideas by elevating your thought process and mastering the art of thinking outside the box. You will also learn how to specialise as a logo designer — giving you the skills you need to work with high-profile clients in any industry.

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Course Table of contents
What will you learn?

11 sections • 33 lectures • 3 hours 41 mins

  • Welcome
    5 lectures 29:31 Mins
    • Welcome
      00:43 Mins
    • My Story So Far
      05:34 Mins
    • Understanding Simplicity
      01:47 Mins
    • The Greatest Logos Ever
      06:46 Mins
    • Dissect & Study
      14:41 Mins
  • Excellence of Elementary Shapes
    4 lectures 22:44 Mins
    • Importance of Geometric Shapes
      01:00 Mins
    • Shapes & Symbols Package
      17:23 Mins
    • Why Is Minimal Design Timeless?
      01:41 Mins
    • How To Think Outside The Box?
      02:30 Mins
  • Semiotics: Signs & Symbols
    1 lectures 01:29 Mins
    • What Is Semiotics & How Can We Use Semiotics In Logo Design?
      01:29 Mins
  • Inspiration From Professionals
    5 lectures 05:41 Mins
    • Kostadin Kostadinov
      01:30 Mins
    • Manny Ezeh
      01:31 Mins
    • Davor Butorac
      00:58 Mins
    • Everton Gargioni
      01:40 Mins
    • Robert Matyas
      01:03 Mins
  • Putting Pen To Paper
    4 lectures 29:01 Mins
    • Semantic Tree
      04:26 Mins
    • Finding The Connections
      10:51 Mins
    • Is Sketching Necessary?
      02:13 Mins
    • Getting Our Ideas Down
      11:31 Mins
  • The Use Of Grids
    4 lectures 26:11 Mins
    • When Are Grids Needed?
      01:40 Mins
    • Different Types Of Grids
      02:56 Mins
    • How To Take Advantage Of Grids In Adobe Illustrator
      05:37 Mins
    • The Right Way To Create Timeless Logo
      15:58 Mins
  • Making Mockups
    1 lectures 08:30 Mins
    • Making the mockup
      08:31 Mins
  • The Secret Chapter
    3 lectures 05:36 Mins
    • How To Get Inspiration
      02:01 Mins
    • ‘Must Have’ Logo Design Books
      02:52 Mins
    • What Is Logo Package Express?
      00:43 Mins
  • Logo Package Express
    1 lectures 11:17 Mins
    • How To Use Logo Package Express
      11:17 Mins
  • BONUS CHAPTER: Entering The Big League
    4 lectures 05:07 Mins
    • What Do High Profile Clients Look For?
      00:58 Mins
    • The Importance Of Specialising
      01:44 Mins
    • Using creative platforms
      01:19 Mins
    • How to increase your prices
      01:06 Mins
  • Conclusion
    1 lectures 08:00 Mins
    • Conclusion
      00:50 Mins

It’s often the best students that make the best teachers. Kwaku embodies in his insatiable desire for self improvement. Ideation with Kwaku is limitless and makes you feel like everything is possible. And with that enthusiasm, he seeks for the answers to the question of how to best define a brand, always bringing back exotic treasures from his creative explorations that supercharge the brands we build together. The level of optimism and passion Kwaku brings to each collaboration changes the whole dynamic of a project. His insightfulness and curiosity give him the ability to uncover winning creative solutions that were there all along. He then visualizes these concepts succinctly and beautifully, like a poem. Creating powerful brandmarks that win consumer confidence and stand the test of time.
Scott Parget
Scott Parget Co-Founder / Creative Director at IDOL
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Timeless Logo Designs: The Creative Process

Timeless Logo Designs: The Creative Process

By Kwaku Amprako

$25 75% off $100

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  • English
  • English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese (Machine translation)
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About the Speaker
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  • Kwaku Amprako

    Kwaku Amprako

    Independent graphic designer, and logo design specialist.


    Logo design is about communicating visually to the audience. Timeless logo design does this forever. It is crucial to understand what truly makes a logo design timeless as well as how impactful it can be due to its creative process.

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