Status is our way of rewarding users who

dedicate their time, commitment and knowledge to contribute to our community


Status System

The aim of Awwwards is to create an online community who can bring their expertise to bear on new internet projects. For this purpose, we’ve created an online reputation system so that users who actively participate on our site by bringing their knowledge and commitment to the table can increase their reputation and as a result, gain more privileges.

  • How do you get Status?

    All registered users start off with 0 points. By completing your profile, you will gain enough points to start voting. Users who participate by voting, commenting, making submissions, etc. can gain up to 35 Status Points per day. By building up Status Points you can gain access to the following privileges on Awwwards.

  • Status Points

    • 1 POINT Daily activity
    • 5 POINTS Voting on a nominee
    • 5 POINTS Commenting
    • 5 POINTS Add an external site to your favorites
    • 5 POINTS Submitting a site to Awwwards
    • 30 POINTS Completing profile
    • 50 POINTS Per year of membership
    • 50 POINTS Receiving a nomination
    • 100 POINTS Receiving an Honorable Mention
    • 250 POINTS Winner "Site of the Day"
    • 500 POINTS Winner "Site of the Month"
    • 1000 POINTS Winner "Site of the Year"
    • -100 POINTS Voting/ commenting maliciously
    • IP BAN Spammer
  • By building up Status Points you can gain access to the following privileges on Awwwards:

    Now your vote counts too!
    Users who earn more than 5000 Status Points become Honorary Members and their votes will count towards the final score for each nominee (Read more).

    • 30 POINTS You gain the right to vote
    • 60 POINTS You gain the right to comment
    • 3500 POINTS 50% off Submission
    • 5000 POINTS You are now an Expert Member
    • 6000 POINTS Awwwards ebook for free
    • 10000 POINTS Candidate for the Awwwards jury