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  • Winning a number Awwwards SOTDs has changed the history of ultranoir, many of our current clients contacted us simply because they had seen our work on Awwwards.

    JB Grasset PLAY

    JB Grasset

    Co-founder and Art Director of Ultranoir

  • Our Awwwards SOTDs have helped us gain international recognition from global brands.

    Fabio Merlin PLAY

    Fabio Merlin

    Co-founder and Creative Director of Aquest

  • Winning an SOTD is like "Hey man! Welcome aboard! You've made it!"

    Stefano Scozzese PLAY

    Stefano Scozzese

    Creative Director at Scozzese

  • The Awwwards SOTD is an exciting collective to be amongst: it's great to be acknowledged.
    It's a good sign that we are advancing well into the HTML spectrum..

    Kris Hermansson PLAY

    Kris Hermansson

    Creative director at Resn

  • Winning an Awwwards SOTD for us, a small agency in a big world, is a chance to really get out there and be seen by people, by new clients and brands, and also future employees and interns who want to come and work with us. We depend a lot on awards, they help us keep a high level of ambition in every project that we do, so it really has a great impact on our work.

    Jakob Kahlen PLAY

    Jakob Kahlen

    Partner and Creative Director of Hello Monday

  • Winning an Awwwards SOTD showed us that people really feel the power within our creations.

    Keitaro Suzuki PLAY

    Keitaro Suzuki

    Art director at SHIFTBRAIN

  • Our field of work isn't exactly glamorous; we are rarely thanked for our work by end-users and sometimes even clients. It's a pleasure to get recognition through Awwwards SOTDs.
    Brands come to us because we win awards for our work, so it's a virtuous cycle.

    Charly Meignan PLAY

    Charly Meignan

    CTO at Uzik