These are our Criteria for Measuring Talent

40% Design 30% UX/UI 20% Creativity 10% Content


Evaluation System

A transparent and rigorous evaluation system implemented by experienced, renowned professionals.

The process of evaluating the talent and effort of the best web designers and developers is a tremendously difficult job which requires all the knowledge and experience the Awwwards judges can bring to the task. In order to reach a fair verdict when evaluating a website, we have created our evaluation system based on the following four criteria: design, creativity, usability and content.

Our intention is to be fair when evaluating each website submitted for an Awwward, so we’ve created an evaluation system based on 4 criteria: Design, Creativity, Usability and Content.

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  • Submission Process

    When you submit a website to Awwwards, it must first be approved by our team who check that it meets the minimum requirements in order to then be sent to the jury. It's quite normal for sites to take up to a week to get published. Our approval process is carried out manually and can experience backlogs due to weekends and/or large volumes of submissions.

  • Nominees and Voting System

    Once your site has been approved, you will receive an email notification explaining that your site has been added to the Awwwards Nominees page.

    Your nominated site is sent to the Awwwards jury and scored by eight judges. The vote farthest from the average is automatically deleted; only the remaining seven scores count.

    All users can take part and vote on the nominated sites. However, only votes by users with over 5000 Status Points will count towards your site’s final score; the overall average of these user votes form an eighth and final score. The average is taken from all eight scores giving us the final result. The whole process takes seven days.

    Nominees and Voting System

    (*) This is an example score

  • Evaluation System

    The evaluation system is based on four criteria: design, creativity, usability, and content.

    Our system gathers all eight scores and applies the following algorithm in order to obtain the final result.

    Evaluation System

  • Developer Award

    Internet Explorer and Awwwards collaborate to recognize the work of developers who strive to create clean and tidy code, compatible across all modern browsers in accordance with the W3C.

    Once your site has been evaluated by the Awwwards jury and has achieved a score of over 6.5, it will be sent to our Developer jury who will be tasked with analyzing and scoring the code and the technical behavior of your website. Those Sites of the Day that obtain a score of 7 or higher from the Developer Jury will also be awarded a Developer Site of the Day.

  • Honorable Mention

    Once the voting has concluded, all websites awarded 6.5 or above will receive an Honorable Mention and take pride of place in the Honorable Mentions section. This special honor gives greater visibility and prestige to these particular sites, not to mention 100 Status Points to the designers and developers behind them.

  • Site of the Day

    Once the voting process is complete, the Awwwards team will select the sites with the highest scores and schedule their appearance as SOTD. An email notification is automatically generated congratulating the designers and developers on the big news.

    There is no minimum score necessary to be considered for a Site of the Day award and all sites will remain in the competition for a three-month period from the date of submission. Jury scores will only be revealed for sites which win Site of the Day.

    Sites of the Day will be seen by thousands of designers, developers, bloggers, and agencies worldwide. Winners will also appear in our annual book “The 365 Best Websites around the World” and added to the Winners List section of the Awwwards site. Winning Site of the Day will earn you 250 Status Points.


  • Site of the Month

    The six highest-scoring sites each month are nominated for Site of the Month and are then reviewed by the jury for a second time.

    The site which receives the most votes is named Site of the Month and receives an automatic nomination for Site of the Year.

  • Sites of the Year

    Developer‘s Site of the Year

    Agency of the Year

    All Site of the Month winners are automatically nominated for Site of the Year. The Awwwards team also selects an additional three nominees from the Site of the Day winners.

    These nominees are entered into three competitions:
    Site of the Year: Selected by the Awwwards jury
    The judges vote for their favorite of 15 nominees.
    Developer’s Site of the Year: Selected by the Developer jury
    The judges vote for their favorite of 15 nominees.
    Site of the Year (Users’ Choice): Selected by all Awwwards users
    All Awwwards users will vote for their favorite site that year.

    The Awwwards team will handpick 10 nominees for “Designer or Agency of the Year”. This selection is based on all work produced throughout that year. The winner is chosen by the Awwwards jury who will review the nominees’ portfolios and then vote for their favorite.