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Vote for Site of the Month January 2022 and Win a Free Professional Profile in Our Designer's Directory

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Welcome to web design in 2022 everybody: micro-influencers, interactive WebGL exhibitions, deep learning, and much more. We kick off another year celebrating and evaluating the most innovative and creative websites being made across the world. Please take the time to try out each one, and vote for your favorite to win Site of the Month January.

Vote and Win:

Please vote for your favorite to win and share with the hashtag #awwwardsSOTM, and one of you will win a year's free Pro Plan in the exclusive Awwwards Directory. This prize includes the following benefits:

  • 3 free submissions
  • Featured profile in your country
  • Listed in 3 categories
  • 30% off future submissions
  • 75% off future job ads
  • 75% off online courses

Check out the best sites of January here and have your say: https://www.awwwards.com/awards-of-the-month/nominees

Here are the candidates for Site of the Month January 2022: