BESTSELLER Special offer Merging WebGL and HTML worlds By Yuri Artiukh
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Merging WebGL and HTML worlds
English English, Spanish, French (+2) [Machine translation]
2.5 Hours Course

Merging WebGL and HTML worlds

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You’ve probably seen all those amazing awwwards websites with WebGL effects on their images. But what’s even more amazing, is when those images seem to be part of the HTML content of the page. How is that even possible? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to do in this course. We will merge HTML and WebGL!

In this course you will learn how to apply some stunning WebGL effects to the images you already have on your webpage. We will start from a beautiful but static HTML template. And spice it up with Three.js and WebGL.

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Course Table of contents
What will you learn?

5 sections • 15 lectures • 2.5 hours

  • Welcome
    2 lectures 16:56 Mins
    • Intro
      01:20 Mins
    • Creating Three.js Boilerplate
      15:36 Mins
  • Shaders
    3 lectures 46:39 Mins
    • Vertex Basics
      13:08 Mins
    • Vertex Shader, Uniforms, Noise & Terrain
      11:04 Mins
    • Fragment Shaders Effects
      22:27 Mins
  • Merging
    4 lectures 37:20 Mins
    • Merging: Basics
      07:03 Mins
    • Merging: Dimensions
      07:35 Mins
    • Merging: Positions & Textures
      15:05 Mins
    • Merging: Scroll
      07:37 Mins
  • Effects
    4 lectures 33:04 Mins
    • Mouse Wave
      15 Mins
    • Postprocessing
      09:11 Mins
    • Codrops Article
      03:53 Mins
    • Noise Mask
      5 Mins
  • Final
    2 lectures 16:30 Mins
    • Performance Tips, How to Extend & What to do
      15:41 Mins
    • Outro
      00:49 Mins
Course details

Merging WebGL and HTML worlds

Merging WebGL and HTML worlds

By Yuri Artiukh

$25 75% off $100


  • English
  • English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese (Machine translation)
  • Intermediate & Professional
  • Access on mobile and Desktop
  • Full time access
  • Certificate of completion
About the Speaker
Learn from the best
  • Yuri Artiukh

    Yuri Artiukh

    Creative developer, CTO of frontend agency


    Yuri leads a small frontend agency in Kyiv, Ukraine. Also streams occasionally on youtube about creative coding and frontend development. He is very passionate about watermelons, math, frontend performance and generative art.

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