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Monday 19, December

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Scandalous Dirt is an interactive political aggregator designed for Starz new original series Boss starring Kelsey Grammer. The show investigates the inner workings of Chicago’s politics, centering on the Machiavellian machinations of Tom Kane, a fictional Chicago mayor (Grammer) with a dark secret. In addition to providing the latest news on the show, the site tracks and aggregates the tweets about all the latest political scandals from around the Web. Designed to promote the show, this HTML 5 experience can be viewed from desktop, mobile and tablet devices. The site launch coincides with the current presidential primaries, strategically capitalizing on a time of heightened public interest in politics. It interweaves current politics with fictional story lines from the show about infidelity, substance abuse, corruption, violence and sports scandals. Users are encouraged to vote on controversial issues, view the corruption in their own cities, and participate in buzzworthy conversations. Turning politics into entertainment, Scandalous Dirt blurs the line between fact and fiction and allows people to connect over what they love most: scandal.
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