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Thursday 12, July

Ford Foundation Annual Report View site

By Hyperakt (U.S.A.)
This year we were glad to work with The Ford Foundation again, helping them realize their annual report for the second year in a row. Ford is one of the largest charitable foundations in the world with a history of affecting global social change for the better. To accompany the printed version of The Ford Foundation's 2011 annual report, we designed a standalone site that communicates their story and allows for a greater level of interaction with their audience. Designed to take advantage of the latest in web-technologies (Parallax scrolling, HTML5 and responsive layout), we were able to bring their message to life in new ways. The site includes three interactive maps to explain: their initiative to bring India's rural communities together, their campaign to fight child marriage and their work in Indonesia, changing the lives of citizens by allowing them to be a part of their own government. It also features videos and an interactive timeline.
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