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Monday 05, November

Clouds Over Cuba View site

By Tool (U.S.A.) The Martin Agency
Leveraging HTML5, Javascript and web socket technology, CloudsOverCuba.com is an immersive experience that documents the full story of the Cuban Missile Crisis and exhibits an unprecedented integration of desktop and mobile platforms for the documentary film format. As the documentary unfolds, dozens of archival photos, videos, documents and audio recordings are automatically added to a digital dossier that is synced to key moments during the film. Clouds Over Cuba takes a unique approach towards optimizing the content experience based on the platform the viewer is on. Mobile users on Chrome and Safari browsers can sync their mobile or iPad devices with the film. This allows viewers to access supporting content from the documentary on their mobile device as it unfolds during the film and consume it when and where they want to. The full documentary film experience is viewable on desktop browser. Also, users get a chance to navigate a thought provoking fictional “What if” scenario, showing how the world might be different today had the crisis had escalated into nuclear war.
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