UI Inspiration May 2013

interface design always plays a key role

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In the increasing trend in web design towards perfecting the ideal user experience, interface design always plays a key role. Last week we published 10 major trends we took from our eBook "Web & Mobile Trends for 2013", among which content-first was the key idea. The interface, being relatively superficial, coud be the second most important to consider. And in the visual world in which we live, if something doesn't make an impact on the eyes, it can be a lot harder to convince.

Here we present an inspiring collection of user interfaces designs for web and mobile, which we're sure will give you some ideas.

  • Creative Enrichment | Robin Man
  • BLACKBERRY Z10 GOLF APP | Spain Creative
  • Mountain Tracks| Laura Coman
  • Mariusz
  • Library Search | Rasmus Anker
  • next™ iPhone App | Lasse Kusk
  • The Daily Mirror rebrand | Corey Kingsland
  • Ogilvy Beijing_CNY Fortune Dumplings App | Geng Wei
  • Varlos Santiago
  • Henk Batenburg
  • Bikster concept wip | Michael Sambora
  • Sebastian Broschinski
  • Milk Gallery - iPhone App
  • The Mission | Martín Liveratore
  • National Geographic Re-design | Enes Danış
  • Data Visualization for OurMark | Martín Liveratore
  • Maggie Winters
  • Meter.me | Adam Vella
  • T3 Player App
  • Jan Erik Walder
  • Authentic Weather | Tobias van Schneider
  • Hugo Albönete
  • Manero iOS App | Brijan
  • My Cookmarks

By Awwwards Team

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