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Site of the Day / June 15, 2014

In this groundbreaking site, The Hunger Games Exclusive debuts a first look into the upcoming Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. The first issue of this elegant parallax site features Julianne Moore as President Snow, in never-before-seen art along with a supporting interview with Moore herself. The site is the first to offer insights from the filmmakers, and a look into the process of shooting two movies at the same time. The site continued to build buzz by debuting a fiery motion poster featuring the Mockingjay symbol. The reveal also included a page from the script along with a sweepstakes component to drive awareness. The site succeeded in making a splash as the first foray into the upcoming Hunger Games campaign.

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  • James Noble
    James Noble from Australia
    Founder and UX Director at Carter Digital
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  • Jorge Castillo
    Jorge Castillo from Australia
    Co-founder and Creative Partner of Canvas Group
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  • Jonas Lempa
    Jonas Lempa from Germany
    Creative Director & Partner at Taikonauten
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  • Sarri Maxime
    Sarri Maxime from France
    Creative Developer @ Anonymous
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  • David Basso
    David Basso from France
    Associate Director at UZIK
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  • Gonzalo Perez
    Gonzalo Perez from Spain
    Digital Director at RUYA International
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  • Vicki Tourtouras
    Vicki Tourtouras from Australia
    Co-Founder of Image Mechanics
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    Watson/DG from U.S.A.
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