30 Recent Inspirational UI Examples in Mobile Device Screens

The interface, being relatively superficial, coud be the second most important to consider

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In the increasing trend in web design towards perfecting the ideal user experience, interface design always plays a key role. Last week we published 10 major trends we took from our eBook "Web & Mobile Trends for 2013", among which content-first was the key idea. The interface, being relatively superficial, coud be the second most important to consider. And in the visual world in which we live, if something doesn't make an impact on the eyes, it can be a lot harder to convince.

Here we present an inspiring collection of interface designs for web and mobile, which we're sure will give you some ideas.

  • Arles Festival, iPhone App V2.0, by Angelique Calmon
  • Fantasy Leagues App by Brian Waddington
  • Change – Help Make It, by Linus Lang
  • Public Transportation iPhone App, by Dogacan Ege Altunsu
  • Squiryl Social Loyalty on your mobile phone by DHNN Creative Agency
  • iphone Music App. Concept by Enes Danış
  • iphone Music App. Concept by Enes Danış
  • Nike+ Active by Adam Jesberger
  • Summly app by Robin Raszka
  • URBN Trails by Martin Boerma
  • Lift: Early Concepts by Leigh Taylor
  • Minimal Weather by Pablo Chavida
  • Standy by Leigh Taylor
  • By TBD
  • Android UI
  • Railway Timetable App by Michal Galubinski
  • Weather App by Michal Galubinski
  • WebFest, by Nemanja Ivanovic
  • Weather App "Outside the window" by Artem Svitelskyi
  • by Riccardo Carlet
  • by Riccardo Carlet
  • by Jeremiah Shaw
  • by Jonathan Lochhead
  • Martin Spurway
  • Magnus Strand Nekstad
  • Marie Zieger
  • eyal zuri
  • Piotr Kwiatkowski
  • Bikecomputer by Matthias Mentasti
  • Weather Tile App by Magnus Strand Nekstad
  • MEO Tv Guide App Concept by Guilherme Costa
  • Urban Art Gallery by Janine Perkuhn

By Awwwards Team

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