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25 Great Horizontal Layout Websites

Horizontal scrolling comes naturally for touch screens

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Loved by some, hated by many, horizontally websites are nothing new.
Horizontal layout websites did not used to be very user-friendly and tended to work well only for image heavy sites, but not for content. However, this is rapidly changing with the growing number of wide screens and portable devices taking over the market. Screens nowadays come in all shapes and sizes. There is no longer a defined height for the content, not there is a right way of viewing websites. In most devices you can view it either in landscape or in the portrait mode.
Horizontal scrolling comes naturally for touch screens, as it is easier to navigate a website like that when you are using your fingers as a pointer.
Every day, more designers are embracing this way of navigating a website to improve the user's experience and make an impact on the viewer.
Here we have compiled 25 of the best horizontal designed websites you can find around the net right now. They sure will be many more soon.

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