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Zen and the Art of UX Design with David Vogel

Article by Awwwards in Inspirational talks -

David Vogel, Group User Experience Director at AKQA kicked off day two of the Awwwards Conference Amsterdam in January. He talks about how technological innovation and societal change impacts UX design as a discipline, and how experience flow is holistic, reductionist, emotional and rational.

We’ve always thought of artificial intelligence either as a sort of god, or a threat - something that is very scary, that is smarter than us. Maybe that will happen at some point, I don’t know maybe it won’t. Right now AI isn’t like a being, it doesn’t have agency it doesn’t have feelings...yet.

David, a hybrid strategy/creative/UX designer, oversees all user experience and interface work streams in AKQA’s Amsterdam Office. You can follow him on twitter @daafje

Check out the slides from his talk here