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Who are the New Creatives?

Article by Awwwards Team in Design & Illustration - April 01

When Adobe hit the one-million-subscriber mark for Creative Cloud they invited "The New Creatives", creative minds from all over the internet and the world, to take over their social channels. Every day, the work of these New Creatives is literally projected all over the web, and their faces.

  • I AM THE NEW CREATIVE - This crazy, colorful initiative commissioned “diverse creative people who aren't afraid to explore new mediums” - art directors who moonlight as photographers, coders who count illustration as another string to their bow - to submit mind-blowing self portraits to showcase their wild ideas.

    In true celebration of multifaceted talent, the artist becomes the canvas, the art. With their faces painted white, each creative sat for the cameras as their designs were projected onto them. Day in, day out, creators pour their hearts and souls into their work – Adobe helped them embody that expression in this awesome series which features artwork from Sergio Albiac, Gavin Campbell, Sonia Dearling, Vault49and many more.

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  • BTS The New Creatives

    BTS The New Creatives

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