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Weekend Roundup #2

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In this second issue of Roundup you have the chance to win one of 3 annual subscriptions to PixelKit: Premium UI Kits and Design Resources.

Plus, as every week, we bring you a selection of the most interesting tweets we've tweeted throughout the week. Let us know what content you'd like to read and we'll do the rest. Freshly baked!

  • Front End Frameworks

    via Usablica

    A collection of best front end frameworks for faster&easier web development

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  • The Layered Look: Better Responsive Images Using Multiple Backgrounds

    via CSS Tricks

    We don't want to serve giant-sized images to people who don't need them. There are several approaches for not doing this — including Scott Jehl's picturefill, server-side solutions, and lazy-loading techniques — but the simplest method may be to use a background-image and the magic of CSS media queries.

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  • Loading Images on Demand with Pure CSS

    via Flippin' awesome!

    Usually it is implemented via JavaScript, but today I’ll share with you how you can achieve the same effect by using pure CSS.

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  • Workflow for Designers

    via Daniel Mall's blog

    I’m currently working on no shortage of responsive projects, all of which have great need for resolution-independent imagery. Since all the cool kids are going the SVG route, I figured I’d try my hand at it too.

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  • Monster University: Create-a-Monster App

    via Disney.com

    The Create-A-Monster app prioritizes the user experience with HTML5 multi-platform performance, providing an entertaining and visually dynamic window into the world of Monsters Universi...

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  • HTML5 Features, Responsive CSS Modules and Sass – Treehouse Show Ep 44

    via Team Treehouse's blog

    When we build websites we usually start by defining the body text. The body text definition dictates how wide your main column is, the rest usually follow almost by itself.

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  • Working around a lack of element queries

    via Filament Group

    We want to build responsive layouts comprised of many modular, independent HTML components that fluidly fill any layout container we drop them into, but CSS3 media queries don't currently offer a way to make content respond to its container's dimensions (as opposed to the overall viewport size).

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  • Creating a particle effects engine in Javascript and Three.js

    via Computational Contemplations

    A particle engine (or particle system) is a technique from computer graphics that uses a large number of small images that can be used to render special effects such as fire, smoke, stars, snow, or fireworks.

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  • ‘Scope’ in CSS

    via CSS Wizardry

    One thing you will no doubt be familiar with, as a web developer, is the idea of scope. Wikipedia’s introduction to the subject: "In computer programming, a scope is the context within a computer program in which an identifier is in effect, and can be resolved to an entity – when the entity is visible."

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  • The CSS Shapes Module Will Revolutionize Web Design

    via Team Treehouse's blog

    For decades we’ve meticulously sliced up images to create rounded corners, shadows, gradients, and ornate detail. The W3C added these features to the CSS standard and many web designers rejoiced as browser support followed, because it meant that we didn’t have to rely on images anymore. However, the recent flat design trend has made these celebrated features much less relevant.

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  • Designing for Services Beyond the Screen

    via A List Apart

    The producer-consumer model is so ingrained in our society that we tend to treat everything like a product—a one-and-done offering that can be pushed to the market and forgotten.

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  • Giveaway

    Win an Annual Subscription to PixelKit Premium UI Kits and Design Resources

    PixelKit provides access to a constantly changing library of complete UI kit solutions. Rather than being just a general directory or catalog of various tools or a mixed bag of options, this site puts its emphasis on UI kits.

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