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Visual Tools To Aid Your Daily Inspirational Process

Article by Awwwards in Resources & Tools -

Today we have gathered together a small but interesting toolkit which is going to help you find and harness the inspiration you need on a daily basis. The creative process for web designers is unrelenting, we all need a little help from time to time to unearth the visual inspiration, new ways to interact, content architecture, and other ideas.

This toolkit doesn't center on content but rather provides tools which we can use to curate and organize content. It goes without saying that there are hundreds of tools and utilities which do this job, but we have gathered a concise selection of visual bookmarklets, chrome extensions, and other bits and bobs which the team here at Awwwards couldn't live without - you won't be able to either once you give them a try!

  • PinBoards and Visual Inspiration Tools

  • Niice - A search engine with taste

    Niice is a search engine for inspiration whose results are curated resources from sites such as Behance, Dribbble and Designspiration. Not only is this an inspiration generator, but it's also a pin board to collect and save your findings.

  • Dragdis


    Dragdis is a free web app that makes collecting things nice and easy. It helps you to organize your resources as soon as you come across them thanks to an extremely simple sidebar. This sidebar with folders pops up every time you begin dragging content from the web - image, video, links and text - just "dragdis" to your folders on your sidebar for safe keeping.

  • Panda


    Panda’s main focus is to keep designers' inspirational juices flowing. On the left hand side of the app we have Panda’s news feed displaying the latest and most popular info from Hacker News and Designer News. This resource keeps you up-to-date on what is going on in the design and technology industry.

  • Muzli


    THE ULTIMATE DESIGNER'S TOOLBOX Muzli is a new-tab chrome extension – Simple, beautiful and inspiring. Bringing you the freshest stuff in design, UI, UX, interactive news and shots from around the web. Muzli will replace your default tab, it will become your home page, so you don't miss anything.

  • Pin Search - Google search using any Pinterest image

    Pin Search - Google search using any Pinterest image

    This extension helps you harness the power of Google Search simply using any old image you find on Pinterest. You can use this to track down all sites showing that image, to find more info about the person behind the image, to search for similar images... A surprisingly priceless tool.

  • Other Tools

  • Fonts In Use

    Fonts In Use

    There are MILLIONS of fonts out there, but which is the right one for you? Font In Use is a collabroative project to which users upload example of a number of well-known fonts "in use".

  • Typewolf - Web fonts in the wild

    Typewolf - Web fonts in the wild

    Ever seen a font and thought, "I want that for my project. If only I knew what it was called..."? Us too. Typewolf cleverly identifies fonts used in awesome designs; a huge time saver for web designers who find themselves trawling the web for typographic inspiration.

  • Color Thief

    Color Thief

    More and more applications for searching, saving and sharing color palettes crop up on the web every day, but a lot of the time, the only thing we want to do is capture one particular color that has caught our eye. This simple tool does just that.

  • Wirify


    This is a tool which will help is to see the internal structure of a website, its wireframe, to get a better understanding of the architecture of content and get inspired by the layouts of other great sites.

  • Responsive Design Bookmarklet

    Responsive Design Bookmarklet

    One of many responsive design testing apps. This one stands out for its simplicity and usability alone. Discover responsive solutions other designers have come up with. Essential.

  • Stylifyme


    A simple tool to get your hands on color palettes, font combinations and styles used on any particular site that rocks your world.

  • Murally


    Mood Boards are an essential part of the first stages of the design process. Sometimes, sites like Pinterest just don't have the functionality we need like attaching notes, videos, docs etc., or allowing colleagues to collaborate in a more dynamic way.

  • Coment.me


    Coment.me lets you make quick sketches and notes on any website that tickles your fancy, and share your ideas with your work group.