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Feb 26, 2019

UI Design Trends for 2019: Free eBook by UXPin

UI Design Trends for 2019: Free eBook by UXPin

Many of this year’s web design trends won’t shock you – they’ve been evolving over the past couple of years. Split-screen design, for example, is a major trend this year but has been growing from style guides and pattern libraries slowly but surely.

Web Design Trends 2019 by UXPin explores the top 5 trends of the year:

  1. All about color
  2. Subtle branding
  3. Split-screen design
  4. Data visualizations
  5. Layering with interactivity

Written practically for everyday designers, this brand new guide includes 60+ pages of solid advice and 60+ current examples. Consider it equal parts lookbook and instruction manual!

For each trend, the guide explains:

  • What does the trend look and feel like?
  • Why is this trend useful?
  • How can you adapt it to your own work?

Featured companies include Spotify, Nike, Spotify, DropBox, Pepsi, and many more.

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