Sep 21, 2016

The Typographer We (Should) All Have Inside.

The Typographer We (Should) All Have Inside.

If there’s something in the world that helps you to communicate better with other human beings, apart from the spoken language, it’s typography, typefaces and glyphs. If designers are problem solvers and communicators, why don’t we have a stronger relationship with the discipline known as typography?

Over the last 30 years with the proliferation of computer software we have exchanged pencils for vectors, glue for cmd+v, and we’ve changed the concept of a designer forever. Now we’re all photographers, illustrators, video editors (and everything in between) and tools, teamed with a bunch of knowledge and experience, help us to develop.

“Customize and export fully functional fonts, not just prototypes, based in 3 parametric typefaces.”

At Awwwards we test new tools every week, and a few days ago we discovered this one-of-a kind cloud-based app called - a prototyping app, offering the possibility to customize and export fully functional fonts, not just prototypes, based on 3 parametric typefaces.

prototype “Learn the secrets of font-making, using pencil and paper, or a tool like”

Progress means adapting. So if you are a designer and just choose one font or another because it’s helvetica or not, or if it’s thin or bold, or even if you’ve got a strong feeling about what’s gonna work or not, we encourage you to release your inner typographer. Play with the ascender, pet the serif, jump the crossbar, and you’ll fall in love with those little sexy curves, perfect apertures, and balanced slants.

Okay, so you’re the kind of designer who has spent your life-savings on the entire Futura and Clarendon family and you’re gonna use them for the rest of your perfectly well-balanced, timeless-design life. We respect that, but take some time to experience, discover new ways of spacing, expand your serif, and learn the secrets of font-making using pencil and paper, or a tool like

To help you have fun at the office while your boss thinks you’re working (and for us to do the same), we have asked the guys from Prototypo for a licence, and they have given us three 2-month subscriptions to give away to our blog readers, just tweet this for your chance to win!

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