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The Spectacular Caricatures of Marco Calcinaro

Article by Awwwards in Design & Illustration -

Marco Calcinaro was born in San Benedetto del Tronto (Italy) in 1971, and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan in 1993. His paintings are exhibited in galleries across Italy, and he also works as an illustrator for the publishing and advertising industries.

We've put together a selection of 12 spectacular caricatures in his characteristically fun style, showing well-known figures such as Woody Allen, Barack Obama, Mike Jagger, Mark Zuckerberg, Keith Richards, Stephen King, Angela Merkel, Thom Yorke, Conan O'Brien, Nicholas Sarkozy...

If you want to see more by this fabulous illustrator you can visit his personal site or Behance profile.

We hope you enjoy them!!

  • Keith Richards

    Keith Richards

  • Woody Allen

    Woody Allen

  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

  • Angela Merkel

    Angela Merkel

  • Nicholas SarKozy

    Nicholas SarKozy

  • Thom Yorke

    Thom Yorke

  • Conan O'Brien

    Conan O'Brien

  • Gary Sinise

    Gary Sinise

  • Jimi Hendrix

    Jimi Hendrix

  • Mick Jagger

    Mick Jagger

  • Stephen King

    Stephen King

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    Mark Zuckerberg