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The Future of the Web is Printed with Chiara Aliotta @Awwwards Conference

Article by Awwwards Team in Inspirational talks - June 28

In the grand surroundings of The Royal Tropical Institute Amsterdam, Chiara Aliotta, Founder and Creative Director of Until Sunday and Co-Founder of The Pattern Tales explains to the attendees of the Awwwards Conference that print is not long-dead. Chiara shows how it continues to teach us how to deliver stylish, functional websites that look consistent on all devices. She delves into the history of brand identity, typography, icons and reveals how the past continues to predict and shape the future of digital design.

I thought one day, what if print could help the web to be a better place? and it’s funny because now this is happening and it’s happening really fast, because the web is moving fast, there is no time for standardization, so what we’re doing now is taking from the past and adapting it to the web.

You can check out the slides from her talk here

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