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The Best Agencies In London : An Epicenter Of The Web Industry

Article by Awwwards in The Best Articles -

London is one of the most important web hubs of our time; it's one of those places where cultures and trends aren't followed, but born. As you'd expect there are a multitude of digital agencies, conferences, workshops etc., all over the city. It's the lifeblood which feeds the web industry the world over. While many European neighbors flock to the Capital to connect with some of the best web design agencies in the world, others settle in the city with the hopes of launching their business on an international scale.

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Peter Jupp, Design Director at R/GA London, for this article. Peter has given us his insider's take on the innovators and pioneers in London's web hub right now, and we have also added some of the agencies we have had our eyes on. We hope you find this list interesting, inspirational, and true, and please feel free to add any suggestions in the comments below.

Peter Jupp's selection of avant-garde agencies

  • R/GA


    R/GA continues to grow it’s reputation as one of London’s most exciting digital agencies, focusing on creating branded experiences and digital products that live beyond campaign cycles. In the past year R/GA has been collecting awards for it’s high profile work with Beats by Dre, Getty and O2 amongst others. Innovation remains at the centre of the agency. To support this, we recently opened the Lab, a collaborative space where physical, retail and experiential prototyping allows us to explore how emerging technology fits into our lives.

  • Method


    A well respected studio, focusing on user-centered design and processes. Method publishes a thought leadership series called 10x10 which highlights new approaches and ways of thinking about industry challenges, needs, and trends. They recently held a great event in their London studio considering the future of currency. Opening up their studio and sharing thought processes to the rest of the industry is really inspiring.

  • Unit9


    More of a network of directors, designers and developers than a traditional agency, Unit9 combine powerful film and storytelling with technology to reach their audiences. Their recent work for O2 using Oculus Rift technology - Wear The Rose - displayed a full 360º visual spectrum, and allowed fans to train with the England team. They also collaborated with Google to create the Chrome experiment for Arcade Fire’s Just A Reflektor, an interactive music video that has picked up every award going.

  • All of Us

    All of Us

    With over 10 years experience creating web and multi-device interfaces, it’s All of Us’s work within educational and retail digital installations that caught my attention. Galleries and museums are a great way to explore the playful connection between digital and physical spaces, check out their Wave Tables at the Mishkat Centre, or the interactive tables at the V&A for examples of how to reimagine the interface.

  • Ustwo


    Ustwo invest a lot of their own time into making things for their own personal development. It was from this that they developed one of the years most anticipated iOS games, Monument Valley. Hands down one of the most beautiful and appropriate games for the tablet and mobile platform. A great example of an agency taking the time to invest in a self initiated project and the rewards this can bring. More on the games development on their development blog.

  • Poke


    Great at developing smart little digital service ideas such as GuiltyPledgers, #Curios4Comedy and BBC Playlister.

  • Moving brands

    Moving brands

    These guys understand beautiful brand execution within the digital age.

  • The Awwwards Selection

  • Engage Interactive

    Engage Interactive

    Engage Interactive is a talented team that manages digital strategies for a broad range of well-known clients throughout the UK.

  • Blastradius


    A strategic digital agency that helps connect brands and consumers and tackle the complex issues of growing brands and revenue in today's highly connected world.

  • Never Bland

    Never Bland

    Neverbland is a team of designers, developers, and doers.
    Specialists in user experience, interaction design, and product development.

  • Toasted Digital

    Toasted Digital

    Toasted Digital is a small, award winning design and development studio based in Covent Garden, London. They specialize in creative front-end design and development. They make UX-driven websites, web apps, web shops, and games using JavaScript and HTML5 illustration and animation.

  • Sennep


    Sennep is an interactive design studio formed in 2003. With experience in designing websites since the dot-com boom, they now apply their expertise in interaction design to games, installations, mobile, and apps, integrating social media where appropriate.

  • VCCP


    VCCP is an integrated creative agency where principles, people, and passion result in populating culture.

  • U-Dox


    U-Dox is a multidisciplinary and creative agency born in 1999. They create all-encompassing marketing campaigns and editorial content, produce engaging, moving image work, and have developed an integrated suite of products to help brands get themselves heard above today's digital noise.

  • Wednesday


    Wednesday is a full-service, integrated creative agency.
    They create strategically-led advertising campaigns, online destinations, editorial content, and innovative digital experiences to drive consumer engagement and awareness.

  • Rosie Lee

    Rosie Lee

    Rosie Lee is a hybrid creative agency with expertise in retail design, branding, and advertising. They deliver the mould-breaking ideas brands need to flourish.

  • Goat


    Goat is a London-based studio that thrives on brand consultancy and identity development. goat was founded by Alexey Golev and Paul Attard in 2012. 

  • Signal Noise

    Signal Noise

    Signal Noise is passionate about bringing data and information to life and pride themselves on creating memorable user experiences. They work with clients from global fashion labels to financial institutions, helping them understand and visually communicate data and content.