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The 10 Best Web Agencies in Belgium and Why They are Great

Article by Dries Van haver in Design & Illustration -

Dries Van Haver is UX designer and Strategic partner at Lavagraphics and member of the Awwwards Jury 2012. In an effort to better understand the reality of web design in his country, Belgium, recently we asked to collaborate with us discussing his impression about the most prominent studios and web agencies there.

When Awwwards asked me to write a piece about the 10 best web agencies in Belgium, I ?rst thought out a selection procedure. With this selection, I think I’ve pointed out the most talented ones that can put together a great project for every budget. A special thank you to @creativeskills for helping on the research.

The 10 Best Web Agencies in Belgium and Why They are Great

  • Epic



    (Liège) Their name says it all. Epic agency is an award-winning digital agency (2009) which proudly works everyday on ass-kicking projects such as highly interactive and creative flash websites, usable XHTML, HTML5 websites, efficient iPhone/iPad applications, nice and clever graphic identities, succesful e-commerce development, and many more great projects. epic.net Twitter | Facebook | Vimeo | Tumblr

  • Dogstudio



    (Namur) Founded in 2006, Dogstudio is an agency that develops solutions to help clients boost their business through new media. I just dig their website, lovely, with an eye for detail. Would love to meet the Dogs somewhere in the near future. www.dogstudio.be Twitter | Facebook | Vimeo | Flickr

  • We Make Graphics

    We Make Graphics


    (Antwerp) They make graphics, great graphics as far as I can tell. We Make Graphics is a young graphic design agency from Antwerp. They place a strong focus on visual communication and stylish design. They assume that the form and content of equal value and the highest level should be. www.wemakegraphics.be Facebook | Linkedin | Flickr

  • Statik



    (Leuven) One of the agencies I personally like the most, they have a very clean and direct way of building designs. They pay a lot of attention to usability and it shows. Sites like hetdepot.be, jobat.be are not easy to design, but they pulled it off. www.statik.be Twitter

  • Amai



    (Antwerp) Their old site was real simple but I kept on watching it (rip.amai.be) till the end. Their project Protect 77 was ground-breaking, build an image based on images, and every image was for sale. www.amai.be Twitter | Facebook

  • Studio Breakfast

    Studio Breakfast


    (Liege) Since it launch in 2001, Breakfast is defined as a multi-disciplinary creative studio that combines graphic design, web development and communications consultancy. They won their site of the day Awwward the day before Lavagraphics (the agency I work with). Some kick-ass competitors, the Studio Breakfast people. www.studiobreakfast.be Twitter | Facebook | Behance

  • Duoh



    (Deinze) Veerle Pieters is a well known designer, together with Geert Leyseele she has an agency that sets a quality-standard on the Belgian web scene. Designs like fab.com are just marvellous. www.duoh.com Twitter | Facebook

  • Inventis



    (Houthalen) Inventis provides all kinds of web-based applications since 2003, promotional mini-sites to the most comprehensive websites on advanced web applications. Though their own website is not my cup of tea, they have some talented designers aboard with eyes laid on detail. www.inventis.be Twitter | Facebook

  • Group 94

    Group 94


    (Gent) An agency that can not be forgotten in this list. Group94 is a web design boutique which has a diverse and far-reaching client base and portfolio with national and international clients. Group 94 develops flash websites and man how they rock in it. They’ve won many awards, and have put Belgium on the webmap. www.group94.com Twitter | Facebook

  • Gorilla Webdesign

    Gorilla Webdesign


    (Gent) Young, talented guys with a passion for web design, that’s how I would describe them. They put a whole lot of effort into every web project, A promising agency. www.gorilla-webdesign.be Twitter | Facebook | Flickr