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Talk: Redefining Reality with Geoffrey Lillemon, Creative Director of W+K's Department of New Realities

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Geoffrey Lillemon - one of the Creative Directors of Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam’s ‘Department of New Realities joined us at awwwards Amsterdam to discuss how can we design experiences that take our perception of the world to new creative frontiers.

Geoffrey a player in augmentation, focuses on layering the world around us with techno visions and cosmic fantasies, designed to cultivate provocative future landscapes. His latest projects include bringing to life the Moncler Genius book with AR, and evolving the way we listen to music with 'LAVA' - a new platform that pairs AR and audio fingerprinting tech to create music you can see.

Now we're developing these pods that are fully sensorial kind of little coffins where we can control the smell inside of it, we can control haptics and just an overall sensorial environment and use that for a certain health benefit, so that's all inspired from this approach of robotics taking care of us.

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