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Talk: Iterative Design and Adobe with XD Product Manager Demian Borba

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Product Manager for Adobe XD Demian explains the iterative design process, lessons learned and the mindset needed to go through the process. He shows how Adobe uses XD to build XD, supported by research, wire-framing, high fidelity design, prototyping, sharing, and testing. Learn how to fail fast to succeed sooner at Awwwards Conference San Fransisco!

I was one of the first product managers for XD, I was there since the very beginning, this was an awful product and we were validating and improving it every month and I made all the mistakes you can imagine as a product manager. I had all the wrong mindsets along the way. So hopefully after this talk you can kind of learn from that, and hopefully do a good job there as well.

Demian has very kindly shared his presentation slides with us, you can download them here.

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