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Talk: How to Build a Design Community in 20 steps with Cofounder of Dribbble, Dan Cederholm, at Awwwards Conference San Francisco

Article by Awwwards in Inspirational talks -

Cofounder of Dribbble, Dan Cederholm, shares 20 practical business and design insights he gained setting up a community where digital designers of various disciplines, including graphic design, web design, UX/UI, web design, illustration, and branding can share their work. His tips include slow UI iterations, staying sharp with side projects, branded t-shirts, and confidence in your incompetence, at Awwwards Conference San Francisco.

Stay sharp with side projects, this was key because for me, as a former freelance designer, then focusing on one product for so many years I felt like I was behind on everything, every any kind of technology - I found side projects to be crucial for keeping me up to date.

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