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Talk: Designing VR Experiences by Anrick Bregman, Director - New Realities VR/AR/MR at Awwwards Conference Amsterdam

Article by Awwwards in Inspirational talks -

Anrick Bregman, Director of New Realities VR/AR/MR explores immersive storytelling through VR, AR, film, games, and beyond. In this talk he explores the long term impact of technologies like VR and AR, and how these separate strands of the ‘virtual’ space will merge and combine in the coming years, to create our collective future. He presents some of his virtual reality films, such as an experience of daily challenges of being autistic, and behind the scenes as a forensic scientist at a crime scene

I find it very interesting how a virtual experience can change your perspective on the real world. Ultimately we design experiences that are tech agnostic - that are where the story itself is bigger than a feature of the technology, then it'll touch you in a way that's relevant to your life every day

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