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Apr 21, 2015

Some of the best digital agencies and studios from Amsterdam

Some of the best digital agencies and studios from Amsterdam

Amsterdam is well known for being one of the cities in Europe with the most agencies per inhabitant (well, this isn’t really true or verified; but, just take a look at our directory map to get an idea).

There’s also a lot of talent there –it’s not just coffee shops and red lights-. This article covers the whole of production in the Netherlands, going beyond the City of Amsterdam. The fact is that this country attracts a significant percentage of the digital market from Great Britain and Central Europe – and that’s why there are so many great companies located there. Here, we present some of the most creative and interesting award-winning agencies which are established in the Venice of the North.

What’s your favourite? It’s not here? Help us by suggesting it in the comments!

Superhero Cheesecake

Superhero Cheesecake is an award-winning creative digital production studio. Their team, made up of UX designers, visual designers, developers and digital producers, is specialized in premium digital work for the web, devices and installations. They’re also confused with a cake shop every day.


MediaMonks is a global creative production company with offices in Amsterdam, London, New York, LA, Singapore and Dubai. It specializes in "working with advertising agencies to craft amazing digital work for global brands”.


Achtung! is a creative multimedia agency for the digital era comprised of 25 humans and a stuffed dog (not kidding). This company works for respected brands both in the Netherlands and globally, using tools which range from the TV to the internet and from paper to tablets.


Resn would be here if we were talking about New Zealand, but come on, take a look at their website, they must love Amsterdam too! Resn is a creative digital partner and production company with offices in both Wellington and Amsterdam that works with the world’s leading advertising agencies and brands. It’s highly creative and interactive; highly recommended, too.

Build in Amsterdam

Build in Amsterdam is a good example for designers who wish to close the gap between traditional branding and technology. As they define themselves, “all Build’s designers have a traditional design education but developed into digital specialists during their career.”


Cartelle is an independent digital creative studio from Amsterdam focused on interactive concepting, creative programming, 3D and everything related to creativity and new technologies.

W+K Amsterdam

W+K is a global agency working with top global companies and brands worldwide to create strong and provocative relationships between good companies and their customers.


Wonderland is a Web and Design Studio. They create products that make people feel cool. Clients come to Wonderland when they wish to build a memorable brand or converting experience that delights and engages their customers in order to drive traffic and create awareness.

Perfect Fools

Based in Stockholm and Amsterdam, Perfect Fools creates intermedia solutions for brands with the timeless concept “less is more” as their guiding principle.


Random is a multidisciplinary digital studio conscious of the constant changes of our present world. From interactive installations to online platforms, whether virtual or real.


Momkai is an independent digital creative agency that aims to mix a clean design with solid technical execution.

72 And Sunny

As they state, 72 And Sunny “cultural impact on behalf of brands.” We agree with an award-winning creative agency that works with top clients accordingly in a digital global world. They are in Amsterdam, Los Angeles and New York.

DDB & Tribal Amsterdam

This world-famous giant has a presence in Amsterdam, too, as it couldn’t be any other way. No further words are needed to describe DDB Tribal Network.

Present Plus

Present Plus Amsterdam focusses on digital design, their London mates on film. They are an art gallery too. Cool, isn't it?


Bravoure is a digital creative agency based in Amsterdam. They love mustaches.


Skybox Design Agency, is a no-nonsense quality driven multi-disciplined design agency which mission is to create distinctive (digital) design. From offices in Amsterdam and New York, Skybox works for a diverse selection of (international) clients.

Non-Amsterdam Bonus:


Born05. Utrecht based creative agency, let's let them describe themselves: "We are strategists and storytellers, craftsmen and pixel lovers, creative professionals, game geeks and everything in between". "

Studio Airport

Studio Airport is a three-person, all-around design agency focused on identity and campaigns. They design anything from objects to websites to identity to type. They are based in Utrecht.

Online Department

Online Department is a Rotterdam/Eindhoven-based agency specialized in digital works with special attention placed on UX design.