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Site of the Day November 29, 2012

Discover more on the brand new official tourist website for the City of Bruges, Unesco World Heritage City. Be inspired by all the beauty the city has to offer, and more. The site is part of a brand new strategic approach of city marketing conceptualized and implemented by gents agency. As a visitor you are invited in a playful way to discover the regular tourist sites, and more. Find the things you look for, or enjoy the journey of discovering more of the city’s secrets. Enjoy the new brand identity. We designed a new modern image to show the contemporary approach the World Heritage City offers its visitors. Every building and aspect of the city life in Bruges is recreated truthful to reality. This visual approach is one big step away from corny photography and visual cliche. Discover more with an interactive navigation (html5 and javascript) in real time. Navigate through your day in Bruges and discover what you can experience at that very moment (or find out what to do later). Visit Bruges! Visit More!

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