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Rouge au carré


by ONF/ Commun / École de la Montagne Rouge (Canada)

Montreal, spring 2012. An unprecedented citizen movement began in universities and then took to the streets. To document this “Maple Spring,” the NFB, Urbania, École de la montagne rouge and Commun launched the Rouge au carré interactive site. Combining technological experimentation, quotations from Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Social Contract, Maple Spring visuals and music by Captaine Soldat, Rouge au carré is a cornerstone of the student movement on the web. Twenty-two thought-provoking interactive visual sequences were put online on June 22. The computer mouse becomes a metaphor for citizens speaking out. Through images and experiences, the site provides the basis for reflecting on democracy, debate and the role of citizens in society. Rouge au carré is more than a site. It is also a declaration that is encountered, understood and explored via the mouse, screen and sound.
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