Lebensraum Eilenriede
by Jens Franke from Germany with 6.94
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Site of the Day January 2, 2011

Right in the centre of Hanover the Eilenriede, one of the most important municipal forests in Europe, covers an area of roughly 650 hectares. In the course of almost 2 years, the Hanover-born Jens Franke has documented this fascinating habitat on an almost daily basis. The result of his efforts: a calendar presenting 12 motives selected out of more than 5,000 photographs. These pictures show the wonderful changes in nature over the seasons and are a homage to nature and its characteristic traits as well as to the city of Hanover. The project is not a commercial one. All profits that surmount the costs of the production will be donated to rebuild a rehabilitation centre for ill or injured animals in the Waldstation Eilenriede.[gallery]

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