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Have a Holiday On Us

September 15

by August (Australia)

It all started with wanting to give a little escapism to people in a stressed out world. We sit at our desks everyday with screensavers of blissful island holiday locations. Why? Because that’s where we’d rather be. ‘Have a Holiday On Us’ was born to make that mental vacation a reality, to treat yourself to a virtual mini-holiday where you’re fully immersed in the experience – without leaving your desk. It’s innovation was further developing facial recognition technology to control user’s viewpoints on video footage. This enables you to explore holiday scenes of your choosing in ways never seen before. We wanted to innovate, but more importantly create emotional connections that puts smiles on faces. “Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” wrote Arthur C. Clarke, author 2001: A Space Odyssey. We wanted the technology to be invisible, and we hope you enjoy our little bit of magic. Ps. Keep an eye out for the hidden Lost & Found on the site… with items returned, in the real-world, to their owners all over the world...
Team behind the project
  • August from Australia
    • H.M 03
      Honorable Mention
    • Chief

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