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HARATECH Plastics Engineering and Solutions

September 03

by HARATECH Design Department (Austria) Christoph Zettl

After hours of planning and developing we eventually can say: 2.0 is successfully launched! Regarding the modern and unique design developed from the in-house HARATECH Design Department and over 7.000 lines of code (without CMS and commentary) the site sets new standards in the Plastics Engineering business. The Site offers a blog-section, a dynamic news feed as well as different information-sections belonging to the different partitions of the company. Furthermore users can upload data in the Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing section to get their prototyping-quote fast and easy. One can say offers enough information and details for every 3D enthusiast accompanied by a modern and fresh design combined with a multitude of images also produced by the in-house HARATECH Design Department.
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