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Family of Fish
by +KNAUSS Media Arts from Germany with 7.09
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Site of the Day October 29, 2011

The Family of Fish Website takes you on a journey around the world, documenting the life of people who live with, for and from the ocean. The goal of the website is to provide an unembellished and authentic look at the partners of "Deutsche See" including their various phases of sustainability development. "Deutsche See" is Germany's largest retailer and producer of seafood. The company is actively addressing the problems of the fishing industry with its strong commitment to quality, social and ecological sustainability as the basis for a healthy value chain. On the website: By scrolling the visitor is taken on a dive under the ocean where he discovers various chapters, each representing a different story. The website is comprised of various picture layers which float at differing speeds to one another. The resulting Parallax-Effect fills the website with life and allows the visitor to experience the impressive depth of photography in a seamless experience. Unfortunately, to date the website is available in the German language only. However, a picture is worth a thousand words... so we very much hope you enjoy the ride.

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