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by Ben Trovato from with 7.23
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Site of the Day February 29, 2012
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NYFW is something that every fashion interested soul in the world would give a small fortune to be a part of. It's the single most glamourous and important event of the year in the fashion universe. However, 99% of all the fashion blessed beings out there will miss the majority of it. We aim to change that. The project 'FacesofNYFW.com' offers the raw, uncensored, blow-by-blow visual accounts of whats really going down in media and social media - the heartbeat of NYFW A/W 2012 in one accessible place! We have sent undercover a handpicked group of cutting edge aspiring fashion photographers to shoot exclusively for you. Infusing with their live accounts we are curating VIP attendees' experiences and more importantly YOURS! Don't worry we will also be keeping a close eye on the #NYFW & #MBFW streams, picking out trending topics and inside gems and adding them to the site for your convenience. So how do I get involved? When you are attending a happening surrounding New York Fashion Week simply add #FONYFW to your tweet, Instagram or tumblr post and it will be registered for us to feature on the site. To share your location with our readers turn 'on' geotags on your phone or in your twitter client when you tweet, and we'll show everyone where your photo was taken.

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