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Nov 6, 2012

Site of the Month October 2012: MoMA, Century of the Child

Site of the Month October 2012: MoMA, Century of the Child

This month we are honored to give our special award for Site of the Month to "MoMA - Century of the Child", developed by Hello Monday, a creative agency with offices in New York, Copenhagen and Aarthus.

With an exhibition that showcases 100 years of design, as influenced by children and childhood, and a client that was willing to take the road less traveled, MoMA's "Century of the Child" exhibition website finds inspiration in everything from puppet theatre over Peter Pan to the plethora of actual artifacts on display in the exhibition. The site, made in Fullscreen, boasts an excellent User Experience combined with fluid content animation which allows you to visit the whole exhibition with great ease and dynamism.

The goal was to create a highly exploratory site that evokes childhood memories, and that you would be excited to show your children, parents and grandparents alike. The extensive and magnificent multimedia content is admirably displayed, thanks to good content structure and exceptional design.

MoMA - Century of the child