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Site of the Month for July 2012: Build with Chrome

Article by Awwwards in News -
We are pleased to congratulate the Swedish studio North Kingdom and the Australian agency Mark on having been awarded the highest score by the Awwwards jury this past month of July, for their Build with Chrome website, "Site of the Month for July 2012", for the Google Chrome browser. Build with Chrome is an interesting project that has also pleasantly surprised Awwwards site users. We'll tell you a little about the site and its creators:
  • <h2>A little about the project</h2>

    Build with Chrome is a project with the idea of ​​opening the browser Google Chrome to new audiences, trying to demonstrate the new possibilities it offers. The best way they could think of to do this was in association with the classic and well known brand LEGO®. LEGO® bricks fans from all over the world could 'play' online to make their best buildings, using Google Maps as a basis, where you can choose any part of Australia or New Zealand to start building. On buildwithchome.com you can experiment and play with blocks of life online, share your creations with other users of the web and see those of others in what is the biggest LEGO set in the world. This is achieved thanks to the powerful potential of open source technology WebGL, the best examples of which we shared in a previous post, and in which Chrome is implemented, giving stunning 3D capabilities. Without doubt, a great exercise in creativity and an exceptional application of the latest technologies in web development work make North Kingdom and Mark highly deserving of this recognition. So far, they have the imagination. From here the possibilities are endless. We can only imagine how many of you have played with Lego since childhood. So, What will you build? If you are interested in all we have told you we highly recommend reading the following article, published on the blog of North Kingdom, where they explain the development process: Behind the Scenes – Build with Chrome

  • <h2>About the Authors: North and South</h2>

    Swedish agency North Kingdom is a creative agency founded in 2003 in Skellefteå, near the Arctic Circle. It specializes exclusively in the digital environment, developing interactive digital media work. North Kingdom has done an amazing job creating the user experience and integration with Google Maps. www.northkingdom.com They have worked closely with Mark, who created the concept in collaboration with Google. Mark is a direct, digital and data agency located in Sydney, Australia. That is, in the southern hemisphere. Mark were responsible for digital production, creating banners, videos and other multimedia online content. www.mark.com.au