Sep 5, 2012

Site of the Month August 2012: Chrome Web Lab

Site of the Month August 2012: Chrome Web Lab
For the second month running, a web project from the amazing and ever-surprising Google browser once again takes the prize for Awwwards' Site of the Month for August 2012. This time the project is Chrome Web Lab. Chrome has dazzled both old Google hands and newcomers alike since it was launched by the giant of Mountain View in September 2008, and little by little it has been gaining an ever greater share of users, creeping up on its rivals to become the world's most used browser.

The Site of the Month: Chrome Web Lab

  • Chrome Web Lab
  • Chrome Web Lab is a set of experiments in Google Chrome designed with the aim of showing off the browser's potential and the new funcions Chrome offersthe online community. "The web is what you make of it", goes its motto. Chrome Web Lab proves this beyond question, with five interactive experiments that surprise and delight the user, and showcase the magic of the internet in all its glory. Chrome Web Lab, by Google Creative Labs
  • Chrome Web Lab
    Experiment #1 - Universal Orchestra
  • Chrome Web Lab
    With the collaboration of the Science Museum in London

The Authors: Creators and developers of this project

This project was made possible thanks to the work of its creators and developers: the Google Creative Lab, B-Reel agency and the team at Tellart, who are all joint recipients of the "Site of the Month" Awwward this August.
  • B-Reel is a hybrid production company, specializing in the field of advanced digital production for web, mobile, physical installations and other media. They strive toward innovation in storytelling and technology, and have produced web campaigns, TV commercials, websites, banners, virals, games on mobile and web, web TV shows, digital signage, TV graphics, white papers and book and record covers. B-Reel was founded in 1999 and is based in Stockholm, London, New York & Los Angeles. Website | Facebook | Twitter
  • B-Reel
  • Tellart is a team of designers and thought leaders specializing in human experience design and interaction engineering. They define themselves as inventors and explorers, stating that they work "between the virtual, material and natural worlds". They have a clear concept of design as a functional tool for people. For twelve years, Tellart has been building interactive objects and environments that connect to the web. They are based in several locations. Website | Facebook | Twitter
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