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Silenza by Fedoriv wins Site of the Month for August!

Article by Awwwards in News -

The votes have been counted and Fedoriv have won August's Site of The Month for their classy storytelling site for Silenza. This interactive journey shot in black and white, follows a woman's choices, experiences and special relationship with the brand.

The brief for Silenza site traces its roots back to the words “And God Created Woman”

That is when the real trouble arose

Consider, at least, that She is perfectly unique

As well as exceptional and unequalled

Not mentioning that she’s unlimited and unpredictable

Do we have to add that every day she is different and chooses what to be?

What could we tell her? Apparently, the truth

And the truth here is “There’s only you

Thus, we closed up all the conversations and created a springboard to dive into the Her inner space. We made a woman choose in order to recognize her special distinctiveness by overcoming her every little uncertainty

She is endless within and she has to live with that


By saying shush to everything and everyone who objects. That is what Silenza is about

And yes, Silenza is a lingerie, although laced with poetry"


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