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Jan 4, 2018

Round One: The Shortlist for the Awwwards Jury 2018

Round One: The Shortlist for the Awwwards Jury 2018

We were bowled over by the massive quantity of designers and developers willing and ready to offer their opinions and knowledge to critique the stream of sites presented to us every day. Due to the extreme interest, we've closed the process early in order to have enough time consider each candidate on a case-by-case basis.

Thanks to everyone who took part, a big pat on the back to those of you who have made it through to the next round, you'll receive an email detailing the next steps. Remember this is a list of the brand new Jury members, not the complete list, if you were in the 2017 Jury you will be contacted shortly regarding your status.

Here are the bright sparks who have been invited to the next round:

Stan Yakusevich - Co-founder and Art Director of Heartbeat agency
Nemanja Milošević - Co-Founder Designer
Louis Ansa - Freelance Art Director
Thiago Balzano - AKQA, Associate Creative Director, background in art direction and design
Laurent Canivet - Creative director and co-founder
Daniel Givens - Drexler, partner, hybrid designer/developer with a focus on web
Claudia Mussett - Freelance art director & designer
Mikha Makhoul - Experience Designer/Director for future models.
Alexander Laguta - M2H agency, Art Director
Dmitry Zyuzin - Icrea Design Studio. Co-founder, Art Director.
Phil Millward - Head of design and digital at parall.ax based in Leeds.
Filip Arneric - Founder and Digital Creative Director @ Rebellion7
Kiran - Awesome Daddies Interactive .
Ryo Miyakawa -Creative director, Front-end engineer
Michele Angeloro - Freelance Interactive Director
Sonali Ranjit - Senior Art Director and Hyper Island alumni
Bertrand Alexandre - Creative director
Joe Robinson - Senior digital creative
Marcus Stenbeck -Technical Director
Mads Hostrup Mortensen - Designer and partner in YEAHYEAH
Thibaud Allie - Freelance Digital Art director
Chiara Aliotta - Founder and Art Director
Simon Carr - Owner & Creative Director at DesignUps.
kristin agnarsdottir - Design Director.
Chris Williams - RG/A
Liz Wells - User experience designer
Kim Quinn - Bluecadet, Art Director
Ricardo Mendieta - CTO
Massimo Meijer
- Design Director, currently freelancing
Alexandre Rochet - CEO of Rankingapp
Marie-Bénédict Jacquemin - Web Art Director at Cossette
Bruno Choiniere - Co-Director of Creation and Partner
Kyril Kulikov - Norde Agency, Founder and Creative Director
Nick Kumbari - Leavingstone, Design director.
Sati Taschiba - Product designer of World of Tanks Blitz and Common Menu
Rosa Llop - ELISAVA
Andre Ribeiro - I work at Squarespace as a Design Manager
Jon Ward - Freelance Design Director
matthieu leclerc - Freelance art director, designer & author
Nicolas Lanthemann - Hinderling Volkart
Kaya Hatcher - Prime, Group Director (Head) of Production
Guido Baratta - Samsung Electronics America
Qaisar Ahmad - Web UI and Interaction Designer
Sara Svensson - Designer at Essen International
Sebastiano Pierotti -Interactive Designer at Gusto Ids
Nicolas Bussière - Freelance, Interactive Art Director
Saz Chaudhry - Creative Director
Maxim Ludwig - Head of Design
Nahel Moussi - MediaMonks, Interactive Designer
Cameron Worboys - Product Design Lead at Elephant
Kasper Andersen - Charlie Tango
Fouad Mallouk - Phoenix The Creative Studio
Marco Trevisani - Monogrid. UX Designer
Alexey Sekachov - Product designer and Art Director
David Fisher - Product Design Lead
Nick Taylor - Interaction Designer at Humbleteam from Russia
Krystian Bednarek - Senior Front-end Developer at Huncwot
Chris Whitsett - Product Designer
Tomoatsu Hattori - Creative Director
Matteo Belfiore - Senior Frontend Developer
Bryan Le - Group Director
Jamie Nicoll - Co-Founder/Creative Director
Elodie Fabbri - Freelance digital art director
Matt Booy - Co-founder/Technical Director
Carolina Onaki - Creative Technologist at Hypnotic
Rose Mountague - Creative Director
Alaa Alnuaimi - Designer and developer living in Istanbul
Maxime Bonhomme - Freelance Frontend Developer based in London
Rafael Derolez - Front-end Developer
yusuke oshima - ahref inc.
Tamerlan Aziev - Senior UI/UX Designer
Jaap Kraan - Design Director/Partner
Anton Ustinov - Creative Frontend Developer
Antoine GASTAL - CEO & Co-founder at Adveris
Denis Lomov - Creative director
Riccardo Marconato - Product Designer @ WeDos
Admir Hadzic - Multidisciplinary designer and creative developer
Cindy Pham - Grow - Designer
Shogo Tabuchi - S5-Style
Jory Kruspe - Designer/Developer
Ruslan Siiz - Fantasy - Senior Designer
Simon Busborg - Partner and creative developer at Heavyy. William Barraclough - Creative Director launching London Studio
Arnaud Rocca - Creative Developer at Sweet Punk
Kazuki Noda - UNIEL ltd., CEO, Art Director, Designer
Arshak Khachatrian - Co-founder/Lead Developer at POP360
Oliver Ecker - Founder & Creative Director
Tim roussilhe - Squarespace, Creative Developer and Interaction Designer
Anton Sulsky - Latvia, Vide Infra, Creative Director & CEO
Tiago Varandas - Lead Digital Product Designer & AI Researcher
Clément Grellier - French freelance front-end developer
Giuseppe Donvito - Creative Director
Zhenya Rynzhuk - Remote Art Director
Joel Califa - Senior Product Designer at GitHub
Rich Brown - UK based freelance UX/UI designer
Keeley Laures - Interactive Art Director
Stéphane Martin - Lead UX designer at Riot Games (home of League of Legends)
Harisson Santos - Lead Design
Deven Caron - Creative developer
Andrew Chraniotis - Head of Design
Stefan Becker - Founder and creative director of Buzzin Monkey
Arnaud Saunier - Opsone, Art Director
Giorgia Xia - Roll studio, Designer
Martin Rud - Freelance Digital Creative Lead
Luis Henrique Bizarro - Front End Developer at UNIT9 with focus on WebGL
Anthony boutet - Tech Lead & Creative developer, Former tech lead at UNIT9
Julien Lozingue - Stink Studios
John Anagnostou - Multidisciplinary Digital Designer
Francesco Carli - Team leader of the digital design department
Cedrick Lachot - Interactive & Motion Designer at Locomotive
Vinícius Malvão - Partner and Multidisciplinary Designer
Itamar Kornowski - Creative Director
Robert Azucena - Oracle Corporation UI/UX Designer & Interactive Developer
Ronald de Groot - Designer
Sebastiaan Scheer - UX Director
Zaplava Dmitry - Advanced Group, designer
Coraline Colasse - Art Director and digital designer
Alexander Stern - WEST Design Studio, Co-Founder, Creative Director, UX & UI Designer
Michel Luarasi - Experience Director
Ben Lloyd - R/GA
Clément Dumas C. - Freelance Interactive Art Director
Stepan Subert - Founder & Creative director
Lee Eugene - Independent Creative Developer
Wyatt Glennon - Bluecadet, Design Lead
Marcus White - Creative Director
Joao Granja - Creative Director
Salvatore De Lorenzis - Progetty Design Studio
Sergey Churilov - Interactive Art Director.
John Noussis - Full Stack, Digital Product Designer
Milutin Blagojevic - Creative director at Bom Solutions ltd
Arnar Ólafsson - Ueno, Executive Creative Director Iceland
Pavel Kosov - Lead Product Designer and part of Creatives at InteractiveArts.
Robin Noguier - Interactive Designer @Ueno
Floris Derksen - Founder of One Shoe and Director of Experience Design
Cristiano Andrades - Creative Director & Designer at WEAREBOSSA™
ZHOU Wenjun - Founder & Design Director of 524 STUDIO:
Justin Greene - Ueno, Sr. Product Designer
Ryan Michlitsch - Hook, Freelance Sr. Art Director
Sylvain Jacques - Associate Creative Director - Lead of Digital Creativity
Dac Davy Nguyen - Ueno, Interactive Designer
Simone Viani - Head of Interface Development at DigitasLBi
Matias Massaccesi - Estudio NK. Full stack developer
Fabio Carretti - Freelance Creative Developer
Ivan Salzman - vueloIV, Founder, Web Designer, Front-End Developer
Shavkutenko Maksim - Freelancer, UX/UI/Web designer
Thiago Tomasi - Lead Product Designer at F-Secure
Samuel Scalzo - eb designer @Vision
Mongouachon Hadrien - Creative developer
Dennis Kramer - Product designer
Christian Lindberg - Senior Product Designer at Seventy Agency
Mario Rocchi - Lead Product Designer
Tom Vukelja - Director Integrated Services APAC
Jay Vi - Full Stack developer
Joonas Virtanen - Experience Design Manager @ Purpose
Martijn van Meijel - Digital Designer
Jonathan Bradford - Co Founder
Mika Novo - Freelancer
Marek A. Piatek - Designer & maker
Fabrizio Salmaso - Senior Art Director and Communication Designer
Chris Dorn - Design Director
Santhanaraj R - Development Engineer
Andrea Pedrina - Head of UX/UI
Bruno Rodrigues - Senior Digital Designer
Evan Bohringer - Senior Art Director
Samhita Bhatkar - Creative Head ,Founder with 15+ years of experience in digital space
Daniel Arenas - Founder of Sundaymorningny.com and design director at Redscout
Evgeny Ordynsky - Art Director
Nicholas Jackson - Self Employed, Creative Director
Nico Cherubin - Interactive designer
Anna Dzhulii - Art-designer
osmanakbay - Co founder at inborn progressive, I work as executive creative director
José Casal - Untold Interactive
Van Glabeke Thomas - TBWA Dan Paris
Sarun Sasi - Freelancer
Nauman Ibn Ameen - UX/UI designer at TenTwenty
Nathan Clark - Designer
Rehan Syed Muhammad - Senior UX Engineer
Jeroen Claassen - Senior Digital Producer
Michael Vromans - Creative Director
Viacheslav Olianishyn - Outline2Design
Victor Gnedin - UI/UX designer
George Kostov - eDesign Interactive, Creative Director / Founder
Ryan Grønborg - Frontend developer
Robin Payot - Interactive Developer
Dmitry Naprienko - Digital Designer
Aymé Alexandre - France, Adveris, Director
Jean-Pierre Gary - Tech Director
Gregoire Cortesi - Interactive producer
Warren Challenger - UX & UI Designer
Kateryna Logvynenko - UX/UI designer
Ben Howarth - Design Director
Sarai Gil - Marketing as Lead designer
Zuleika Arroyo - Graphic Designer & Art Director
Danilo Campos - Senior Designer based
Peter Yee - Lead Creative Technology
Dino Zara - Lead & Product Designer
Tomas Baruffaldi - Senior Art Director at Aquest
Ilenia Coppola - Frontend and Interactive Developer