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Crafting Gnoo - An Engaging eCommerce Platform for New-Age Shoppers

Creative Apes Design partnered with Gnoo to create a complete brand experience for the new-age shopper. We developed a unique and playful brand identity, designed a user-friendly mobile application, and built a vibrant website that reflects Gnoo's commitment to a distinctive and engaging shopping journey.

This project showcases Creative Apes Design's comprehensive approach to brand development and digital experience creation. We collaborated closely with Gnoo eCommerce to understand their vision for a brand that resonates with the new-age shopper.

Brand Identity: We crafted a unique visual identity for Gnoo, incorporating playful elements and a vibrant color palette to reflect their fun and approachable brand personality.

Mobile App Development: To ensure a seamless shopping experience, we designed and developed a user-friendly mobile application that allows for easy product browsing, secure checkout, and intuitive navigation.

Website Design: We created a dynamic and engaging website that complements the brand identity and mobile app. The website features eye-catching visuals, clear product information, and a user-friendly interface to cater to the modern shopper's needs.

This project exemplifies Creative Apes Design's ability to translate brand vision into a cohesive and engaging customer experience across multiple platforms.

Project Details

  • Single page
  • Storytelling
  • Interaction Design