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Vision Gazon

At Brand Vision, we are committed to providing unparalleled web design services that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations. For Vision Gazon, a leader in the professional services industry, our objective was to craft a website that would not only captivate visually but also function dynamically to enhance business operations.

The Brand Vision team embarked on a comprehensive project, creating a sleek, modern website coupled with a dynamic web app. The creation of this website has placed Brand Vision as the top web design agency in Montreal. Our approach included several key components:

User Interface and User Experience Design: We implemented cutting-edge UI/UX designs to ensure an intuitive and engaging user experience. Through meticulous UX research, we tailored the design to align perfectly with the needs and behaviors of Vision Gazon's clients.

Keyword Research and SEO Planning: Understanding the importance of visibility, we conducted in-depth keyword research followed by strategic SEO planning. This ensured that the new website not only stood out visually but also ranked well in search engines, crucial for lead generation in the competitive Montreal market.

Interactive Web App Development: To streamline Vision Gazon's operations and enhance user interaction, we developed an interactive calculator web app. This tool simplifies the quoting process, making it user-friendly and efficient, thereby significantly boosting lead generation.

Comprehensive Website Overhaul: Our redesign focused on improving several critical aspects:

Usability: We enhanced the website’s navigation and interface to ensure ease of use.

SEO Optimization: Adjustments were made to better align with search engine algorithms, improving visibility and reach.

Speed Optimization: The site's loading speed was increased to improve user experience and retention.

Responsive Design: We ensured that the website was fully responsive, providing a seamless experience on all devices, addressing the essential need for mobile responsiveness.

Addressing Key Challenges:

Brand Consistency: We meticulously refined the visual elements to ensure consistency across all platforms, reinforcing Vision Gazon's brand identity.

Content Organization: The structure and organization of content were overhauled to provide clearer, more impactful information delivery.

Our comprehensive approach to the Vision Gazon project reflects our dedication to excellence in web design for the Business-to-Consumer sector. The end result is a standout website that not only delivers on aesthetics but also provides functional benefits through improved SEO, usability, and an innovative web app. This project underscores Brand Vision’s capability in transforming client needs into successful digital realities, strengthening their market position and enhancing their professional services offering.

Project Details

  • Forms and Input
  • Interaction Design
  • UI design