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With the goal of providing a unique and complete experience to the users of Tokio School, both new and old, a dynamic and personalized webpage has been developed that achieves satisfying all the school's objectives by representing its students and their work. From the beginning, we have worked with a clear focus, concentrating on web usability to enhance the experience through glitch-like effects, movements, and hover, with a darker style that evokes the backend of a webpage, video games, and the distinctive atmosphere of Tokyo School's pink neon lights.


The need for a website that showcases the work of Tokio School students.


An experiential website to give more visibility to the students. We worked from the start with a clear brief, with web usability that enhances the experience with glitch-like effects, movements, hover, and with a darker character, reminiscent of the backend of a website, video games, and that characteristic atmosphere of pink neon lights of Tokio School.


Increased traffic, visibility, and brand enhancement, seeing that Tokio School cares about its students.

Project Details

  • Responsive Design
  • UI design