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Asset Comet

Modern, unique, and timeless website design and branding.

At Brand Vision, our commitment exceeds traditional branding limitations. When tasked with designing and branding for AssetComet, our objective was to surpass the superficial aspects of logo creation and website design with a unique and memorable brand identity.

Brand Vision spearheaded the creation of AssetComet's branding, visuals, and website, ensuring a cohesive and impactful identity. By understanding AssetComet's core values, Brand Vision crafted a distinct brand identity that communicates excellence in asset management. The visuals are memorable, and the website is modern and user-friendly, showcasing AssetComet's services effectively.

Brand Vision initiated the branding process for AssetComet by thoroughly researching the company's identity and target audience. We curated color palettes reflective of AssetComet's values and industry standards, proceeding to the creative phase to conceptualize and refine designs through iterative processes. Through collaborative efforts and feedback loops, Brand Vision delivered a final product—a cohesive branding package that effectively communicates AssetComet's expertise and distinguishes it within the market.

Brand Vision introduced a distinctive and memorable branding color palette option for AssetComet, featuring a striking gradient from #FF822A (orange) to #E61F74 (hot pink). This bold choice not only sets AssetComet apart but also captures attention with its vibrant hues, ensuring a lasting impression on viewers. The gradient transition from orange to hot pink infuses energy and dynamism into AssetComet's visual identity, reflecting its innovative approach and standing out amidst competitors in the market.

Brand Vision's website design for AssetComet is characterized by a vibrant color palette transitioning from orange to hot pink, creating a visually captivating experience. Custom-made elements and animations implemented through Webflow enhance the site's uniqueness and sophistication, guiding users through an engaging browsing journey. Brand Vision's innovative approach reflects their commitment to elevating AssetComet's brand identity and user experience in the digital realm.

The font choice for AssetComet's logo, "Mont," reflects a modern and sophisticated aesthetic that embodies the professionalism and reliability of the company. A custom-made "t" adds a unique touch, showcasing AssetComet's individuality and commitment to innovation within the industry. This combination enhances the logo's visual appeal and reinforces AssetComet's brand identity as forward-thinking and distinctive.

The chosen font for the website, Fixel Display, was carefully selected to evoke a sense of modernity, creativity, and uniqueness. Its bold and eye-catching letterforms contribute to a visually engaging and memorable user experience, enhancing the overall design aesthetic of the website. Additionally, Fixel Display's distinctive characteristics allow for effective communication of key messages and brand identity, aligning seamlessly with AssetComet's innovative approach and setting it apart from competitors. Overall, Fixel Display reinforces the website's visual appeal while effectively conveying AssetComet's brand values and identity to visitors.

Brand Vision took on the task of designing AssetComet's collaterals, including business cards, letterheads, social media assets, and the app icon, with precision and creativity. Each collateral piece was meticulously crafted to reflect AssetComet's brand identity and values. From the sleek and professional design of the business cards and letterheads to the cohesive and visually appealing social media assets, Brand Vision ensured consistency across all touchpoints.

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Project Details

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